A Magical Elephant from Chinatown wonders through NYC….

I originally took this picture in Chinatown…  It is one of my favorite photographs….  Currently the Elephant is making its journey through the city….

I received two submissions today…..  The first came from Mercer Borris, and the second from Lismary.  I wish I new where they found the frame…  Maybe they will share their story with us.

Submitted by Mercer Borris

Submitted by Lismary

I still have several old submissions I need to catch up on and I promise to get to those.  But I was excited to see the Elephant make a come back!

Thanks for all the submissions…. and good luck finding your next frame!  Feel free to follow the blog and the adventures of the frames!


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Finding Art in the City…

Yes, it is that time again to update the page with more Found Art.  I am sorry for not updating it sooner.  I have been pretty busy.  I was on the sets of Boardwalk Empire, Gossip Girl, and the Untitled James Gray Project.  Additionally this weekend I organized and shot a big photo shoot!

So, here is the latest addition…..Submitted by Rodger

Submitted by Malary

Submitted by Petey M


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A frames journey through a big city…

One thing I have really enjoyed since I started the project last year is how each frame takes on a unique and different journey through the city.  It is really fascinating for me to see how people have been able to express themselves creatively through this social media project.  It is the submitters who actually bring the project to life and turn the city into a virtual gallery.

Because of that I have to thank everyone who has found a frame, and those who read the blog!

M Chadwick

Unknown Submitter

**Note if you submit via Cell Phone without sending your name, then you will be known as an Unknown or Mystery Submitter because I can not put up your phone number on the site.


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Turning New York City into a Virtual Gallery.

The Found Art Project has thus far been successful.  People who have found the frames that I have put out have embraced the project ten fold.  By doing so they have creatively expressed themselves by turning the city into a virtual art gallery.

I personally enjoy seeing how people get creative with the pictures they submit of the frames they found.  I also enjoy reading the stories that they include when they submit a photograph.

Emily R.

Emily said, “Maybe you should try releasing some pictures in 3d!”

Ryan K

**Wondering which rule was broken here.

Submitted via cell phone without a name… so the person remains anonymous.

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The 21 Agenda…

I received a submission from N Lopez.  In his email, he told me that after he took a picture of the frame he found, he noticed that there was yellow 21 in the photo.  He decided that he wanted to take another picture to submit with the number 21 in the photo as well.

I think he was really creative by doing this and applaud him for doing something unique with the frame that he found!




**Thanks for contributing!!!**

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Found Art Kicking Spring 2012 into Full Swing!!!

Again, I have to apologize for not putting out frames this winter.  I was worried that they would only last a day.  But this Spring I am kicking the project into full gear!

With that being said here are three more submissions from those who have found the frames around the city!

ALSO…. If you send a submission via Cell Phone… Unless you send a name you will be listed as Unknown or Mystery Submitter.

With that being said…  Here are three more submissions!





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The Way The Project Works….

I started the Found Art NYC Project in 2011.  It started by me finding a tiny piece of artwork that was framed.  However, the artist did not have his/her information attached. I wished that there was something left by the artist so that way I knew who created it.

Later, while looking at the frame I had an idea.  I decided that I could place frames around the city encouraging people to submit photographs taken of them.  Thus, creating a social media experiment that enables people in NYC to interact with artwork creatively and allowing them to turn the city into a virtual art gallery.


If you find a frame you are encouraged to photograph it using a phone, iPad, iPod, camera, etc.  The more creative you are the better!  Then you submit your photo by sending it to foundartnyc@gmail.com.

Then you are asked to place the frame in an area so that another person can easily find it.  It is really fun to see how a frame travels through out the city.  PLEASE DO NOT KEEP THE FRAME.  We want to keep its journey going!

Once your submission is received it will be displayed on the website.  Granted, it may take a day or two to go up, but it does go up.

Feel free to share your story on how you found the frame if you like and the area you found it in.  It adds to the story of the individual frame and makes the project even more interesting!


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