I want to buy the “World A Coke”…

Last night I received a few emails and this morning I woke up to even more so I am going to post them through out the day.

The first found frame photograph was sent to me from an unknown source.  But it is a really clever shot in my opinion. The colors of the bicycle make the image pop.

The frame itself features an image from spec ad series that I created for Coca-Cola. This particular shot features Keet Davis, who is a talented actor that I known.

To see the whole ad series click the link:



About kennshinabery

In 2000, I moved to New York to work on a feature film. This lead to a career in film, television, and commercial production. During this time I have been freelancing as a graphic artist. My work has been featured on Nickelodeon, Logo, and CBS. I have also designed graphics for the 2010 Harley Davidson Collection. In 2011, I released a spec ad series that I created for Coca-Cola. I am currently looking for a creative position at an advertising agency either in New York or Germany. http://www.behance.net/kennshinabery
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