Standpipes…… who would have guessed?

It seems that standpipes around the city have been popular places to prop up the frames and take photos on.  Granted they are all over the city and they can be found in various colors.  Who would have guessed that this could have become a trend?

Jenny sent in this picture…  She said she was on her way to the dentist when she noticed the frame sitting there.  She couldn’t help but take a picture.

Jenny, thank you for submitting your photo….


About kennshinabery

In 2000, I moved to New York to work on a feature film. This lead to a career in film, television, and commercial production. During this time I have been freelancing as a graphic artist. My work has been featured on Nickelodeon, Logo, and CBS. I have also designed graphics for the 2010 Harley Davidson Collection. In 2011, I released a spec ad series that I created for Coca-Cola. I am currently looking for a creative position at an advertising agency either in New York or Germany.
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