Where have the older frames gone?

I released the frames in a random order… but it seems that the original frames that started it all have disappeared…..  The Blue Monster and the Brunette Pin-Up.

It makes me wonder where the frames go….  did they end up in someone’s office, in someone’s home, in the trash (hope not), or are they still out there waiting to be found.

Granted the weather has not always been nice since the frames started to be released.  But who knows…. maybe these frames will turn up again sometime.  Maybe just maybe… someone will find one, read the back, and then send in a photograph.

But don’t worry… I am almost ready to release wave #2!


About kennshinabery

In 2000, I moved to New York to work on a feature film. This lead to a career in film, television, and commercial production. During this time I have been freelancing as a graphic artist. My work has been featured on Nickelodeon, Logo, and CBS. I have also designed graphics for the 2010 Harley Davidson Collection. In 2011, I released a spec ad series that I created for Coca-Cola. I am currently looking for a creative position at an advertising agency either in New York or Germany. http://www.behance.net/kennshinabery
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