Frames found at the Creators Project in Brooklyn on Saturday…

As some of you may know I released some frames at the Creators Project this Saturday in Brooklyn.  I received several submissions and it seems that everyone who found frames really enjoyed the Found Art Project.

Here are some of the final images taken inside the exhibits at the Creators Project.  There are some additional photos that were taken around Dumbo that I will post later on, but I wanted to get the images that were taken inside up first for everyone to view.  I promise to get to all the photographs that were sent in!

In order of appearance….

Shawn L





Thank you all for submitting your photographs and keeping the project alive!!!!


About kennshinabery

In 2000, I moved to New York to work on a feature film. This lead to a career in film, television, and commercial production. During this time I have been freelancing as a graphic artist. My work has been featured on Nickelodeon, Logo, and CBS. I have also designed graphics for the 2010 Harley Davidson Collection. In 2011, I released a spec ad series that I created for Coca-Cola. I am currently looking for a creative position at an advertising agency either in New York or Germany.
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One Response to Frames found at the Creators Project in Brooklyn on Saturday…

  1. It could be really interesting for the Found Art Project to be a part of the next big event for the Creators Project. Just imagine releasing 50 frames at the event through out the day… doing a live update on a Found Art Project site specifically created for the Creators Project. Continuing the updates it the frames continue their journey….. Could be an interesting collaboration. Also could be a fun way for the attendees to participate and interact with artwork they find in their own creative manner!

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