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The first piece of artwork released into the city.

This Just In…. Little Blue Monster Practices Fire Safety!

I just noticed there has been additional movement on the little blue monster…. He was found by Alim S. Alim, thank you for sending the photograph in! If you want to share where you found him please leave a comment!

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It is not easy being a Blue Monster in the city!

The Blue Monster’s travels continue. Unfortunately, there were no stories attached to the two emails telling how the photographers found the frame.  But if they come back to the site and want to share their story they can leave a … Continue reading

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Found in Union Square!

The frames were found a few times through the day today! This frame was found in Union Square on the second set of steps! It will be interesting to see where the frame travels from this location. If the photographer … Continue reading

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The First Release of Wave #1

The weather looks a little bleak for the next few days, but I wanted to get one of the frames out on the streets. I decided to leave the first frame in Soho. Within a couple of hours I already … Continue reading

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