I found the weather during the late fall and winter to be too unpredictable for the project.  So, I decided it would be best to wait until the Spring to release more frames into the city.

On Monday, I decided I would set out the last three frames from the second wave.  Surprisingly, I have already received several responses and hopefully I get more as well.

So, I will begin sharing these day by day.


Sent in by ClarkF.


MrsLubick sent this image in.


Image shared by J_Hines

Good luck to everyone…. please keep an eye out for the frames!

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Street Views of New York City…

There are three more frames to be released in Wave 2!  However, I wanted to share that few photos that were submitted, before I release the final frames into the city.

Submitted by Taylor B

Submitted by Peter

Submitted by Meg

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What frame’s journey have you enjoyed the most???

Every frame that has been released into the city has taken its own unique journey.  The photographers have created a surreal travel log of the frames throughout NYC.

Which frame’s travels have you enjoyed the most?

**Note: To view each frames progression click the name of the frame under ARTWORK in the CATEGORIES section to the right.  There you can track each individual frame.

**Note: Quick Draw McGraw, Royal Elephant, and Bear King frames have yet to be released.

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Occupy NYC… through art.

The frames that have been released so far have been successful and there are still three more frames in wave 2 to be released into the streets of New York.

If the weather is good then I will probably release the frames into the city next week.  So, keep your eyes open for the remaining three frames of wave 2.

Submitted by Samara H

Submitted by Sasha

Submitted by Lorenzo

Submitted by Mystery Photographer

**Note: If a person submits a photograph via cell phone, I am unable to post the phone number.  If the person wants credit for the photograph he or she should also text his or her name along with the photo.

**Note: If you want to share the store of how you found the frame please feel free to do so as well.

**Note: Comments on the photographs that you like are always appreciated by the photographers, the followers, and myself!


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Creating a Virtual Gallery

I have to thank all of those who have submitted their photographs.  You have helped turn New York City into a virtual art gallery that showcases your creativity and mine as well.  The project has really been going strong.

I have three more frames in wave 2 to release.  Due to a leaky ceiling from this weekends bad weather the release has been pushed back for a couple of more days.   However, here are some of the final submissions to tide you over.

Submitted by Bryan

Submitted by Louise

Submitted by Lucy

Photographer Unknown – Submitted via Text, Thus Can Not Post Phone Number.

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More from Dumbo…

Here are the final images taken in Brooklyn.  As some of you may know I released a series of frames to be found in Dumbo during the Creators Project.  There were several submissions that weekend.

Submitted by Ginger Clarke

Submitted by Matt

Submitted by Scotty L

There are still more photographs for me to post from the frames that were released in midtown that same weekend.  So, stay tuned for more!

Feel free to leave comments on the photographs that you like!

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Dumbo… not just an elephant, but a neighborhood to find frames.

Continuing on with the series of frames that were released into Dumbo (Brooklyn).

Submitted by Tina

Submitted by Corey

Submitted by Matt

It is really interesting to see where frames end up and how people express their creativity by photographing the frames.  Everyone submits something unique, which allows them to share their creativity with the project.


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