Submitting a picture of a found frame is easy.

Simply email the photo that you took to:


1. Photographs should be taken of the frame you found in a clever location.  If you care to share the story of how you came across the frame please do so.  **NOTE: The pictures should be clear and not fuzzy.

2. The more interesting the setting the faster it will be posted.  Otherwise they will be posted in the order they are received.

3. After taking a picture of the frame please leave the frame in a good spot where someone else can find it.

4. Follow the site not only to see your photograph but where the frames end up.

If you have any questions about the site or the project feel free to email me.  Thanks for helping make New York City my personal gallery.

**LEGAL NOTE:  Once a photograph is submitted it becomes the property of the Found Art NYC Project.  It can be universally displayed in print, digital format, and video format by the Found Art NYC Project.  By submitting a photograph, you agree to this and hereby relinquish all rights to the photograph.  Those who submit photos will be listed when deemed appropriate.  No email addresses or cell phone numbers will ever be posted.


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